Agricultural opportunities for the Youths

A youth driven agribusiness enterprise, Tolulopefoods, has decided to focus on agribusiness (cassava cultivation, processing and packaging).

Tolulope Foods is owned and managed by Aina Tolulope, a graduate of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan. She strongly believes that youths should fully participate in agribusiness rather than leaving it for the ageing population.

Year in year out, graduates of Agriculture and related courses run after white collar jobs despite being fully aware of the fact that it's not so easy to secure a Job. Often times people believe they would be lucky amongst the thousands of graduate they meet and enter the labour force together with.

However, gone are the days when being a graduate automatically guaranteed a well paying job and easy access to a secured future.

Now that we are faced with the reality that we have to reorientate ourselves, the reality is that you would graduate, go for NYSC, write a CV and look out for employment; after some months of a futile effort, the choice of a masters degree sets in or either opting for professional courses.

The realization and decision by Tolulope foods to stick with Agriculture, not minding the tedious and rigorous aspect of the venture as compared to the comfort of a fully airconditioned office, is one borne out of the willingness to channel their energy early enough to build and develop something that will grow into a goldmine and which they strongly believe can only come from agriculture.

"As a strong advocate of youth participation in agriculture, we shall be sharing constantly, by giving value from henceforth on our chosen career path and the opportunities for youth involvement in cassava cultivation".

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In conclusion, Tolulopefoods believes in youths as a key tool in developing agriculture. Tolulopefoods would play her part in encouraging as many youths as possible to take part in at least an agribusiness enterprise.

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