You may be wondering what cassava is before you think to ask what it could be advantageous to, however in light of its incredible qualities, this instead sweet, starchy and nuts flavored tubers might become a staple in the pantry. Cassava, also known as cassava or yuca, belongs to the spurge family of plants called Euphorbiaceae.

Different types of cassava are usually classified into two primary types: cassava sweet and bitter cassava. Cassava is a traditional, often grown in tropics climates, very simply propagated by utilizing a cut part of the stem. Purchase cassava roots most importantly groceries, and store them in room average temperature for a week.

The leaves will also be used for food and contain 100 times more protein than the origin, but both should be cooked and the water discarded. While cassava roots are close to what we know as white potatoes, cassava includes nearly twice the calories, and can be the highest calorie tuber known. One cup of boiled cassava includes 330 calories, 78 grams of sugars, 3 grams of protein and 4 grams each of fiber and sugar.

Being naturally gluten-free diet, cassava is very helpful for celiac patients and others attempting to avoid gluten. One facet of cassava is that it is one of several origin food defined by the Philippine Department of Science and Technology as having a low glycemic index and for that reason good for diabetics.

GI is a category of food based on the blood glucose reaction to a food relative to a standard glucose solution. Low glycemic foods control the release of glucose in the bloodstream at a constant and sustained rate, keeping the body's metabolic processes and energy levels balanced. Individuals with a low glycemic diets or eat low glycemic foods are said to have a lower risk of having coronary disease and type 2 diabetes.

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