We decided to edit, add more resources and re-post this to assist new and old farmers gain valuable knowledge and stay updated with the latest farming trends and technologies. Below are more than 20 valuable online resources for farmers and agropreneurs that range from learning new methods to selling your produce. So dig in and enjoy

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (

FAO is a Non-governmental Organisation present in over 100 countries, Nigeria included. They publish the latest stats, research, journals and guides. You will find many of their materials informative because they are information you would ordinarily not get elsewhere.

Centre for Rural Affairs

The Centre for Rural Affairs operates a farmer helpline to answer questions regarding farm bill programmes that can help you get started in farming or ranching as beginners, implement conservation programmes, or even transition to organic farming.

Through work with an established network of farm organisations, the Centre for Rural Affairs also makes referrals to other organisations that may better address the question or concern of the farmer.

Visit for more information.

International Institute for Tropical Agriculture website (

This is an online resource that offers free access to latest scientific agricultural innovations.

AgriCultures Network (

Agricultures network is the producer and distributor of Farming Matters magazine to about a million readers worldwide. Their magazines feature latest information and knowledge on family farming and agroecology.

The Family Farming Platform of The Food and Agriculture Association of The United Nations

This is an online platform sponsored by the United Nations for acquiring knowledge on various forms of farming and farming practices. This site features latest information on agricultural workshops from various parts of the world.

Agricultural Entrepreneurship blog

This is a blog that focuses on agricultural entrepreneurship and the details of establishing and managing farm businesses.

Agropreneur Naija blog

This is another Nigerian blog that provides latest news on farming techniques and opportunities available to farmers. This blog is the CNN of agriculture in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (

This is a platform for Nigerian farmers to have online access to export their agricultural produce.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (

This is the first place for firsthand information on agricultural programs organized and licenses issued to farmers by the ministry. This is an online link to the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

National e-agriculture portal (

This website features extension services directory and latest agricultural information in Nigeria.

Agriculture Nigeria (

Agriculture Nigeria is an online hub that brings together Nigerian farmers to discuss and proffer solutions to the unique challenges of Nigerian farmers. They also feature trending news on research and production.

AgroNigeria (

AgroNigeria is the site to visit for all latest and trending news on agriculture, agribusiness and everything agro related in Nigeria. This is the Bloomberg of the Nigerian agricultural sector.

Farmcrowdy (

This is a digital platform for farmers to get sponsors for their farms, and for investors to invest in the agriculture sector, by partnering monetarily with farmers.

Farmers Online Market platform

This is another platform that affords farmers the opportunity to market their goods online and to get steady buyers for their produce. By registering, farmers are linked to the buyers of their produce. This is an online marketplace for farmers, agents, agro-dealers, transporters, cooperatives, consultants and government agencies to meet.

Agricmania (

This is a Nigerian online community for agriculturists. The site also features online markets for the sales and purchase of agricultural products at affordable prices, and an E-library of current information on improved agricultural processes. If you are a small scale farmer and you want to get your products to the world then this is the best website for you. The website is also available in an android app which you can download here

E-agriculture (

This is an online community that brings together farmers from all over the world to exchange ideas and information, particularly on latest agricultural information and communication technologies.

Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) (

This is an online platform that provides technical assistance, training and certifications in the area of sustainable agriculture.

Rainforest Alliance (

Rainforest Alliance works in conjunction with SAN to provide online training for farmers in the practice of sustainable agriculture. At the end of the training, the participants are awarded certificates and become certified practitioners of sustainable agriculture.

Infonet Biovision (

This is an aspect of the Biovision Farmer Communication Programme (FCP). This online resource provides latest scientific information and knowledge in the areas of plant (crop), animal, human and environmental health to farmers, trainers, students, and extension workers.

Practical Action (

This is a technical information service that provides practical answers to any questions one might have regarding any aspect of agricultural technology, from farming techniques to food processing, they have experts who provide practical answers for free.

Agroinsight (

This is another platform that offers free agricultural resources like books, videos, extension services and resources in sustainable agriculture.

Access Agriculture (

This is a platform for all agricultural industry stakeholders from all over the world to interact, and is a gold mine for the online agriculturist, as it features a host of agricultural resources including videos in local languages. Access Agriculture also has an online directory for agricultural extension services all over the world through which farmers can find extension services closest to them. If you need any resource or aid for your farm business, I bet you Access Agriculture has got it.

Please let us know if there is any good resource not yet shared in this post.

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