Coconut oil is an essential oil extracted from coconut.

The oil has been used for ages for its several benefits, from skin care to hair care and even medical care. Well-extracted and pure coconut oil has been proven to alleviate a number of medical conditions and even prevent some diseases. When used for cooking, it gives the food a unique coconut flavor. Of its several benefits, most people aware of only a few.

Evi is an undergraduate of Medicine and she has a lot amazing things to say about how she uses coconut oil and how it has benefited her thus far. Let’s learn from her!

Hello, I’d like to meet you.

Hi, I am Evioghene from delta state in Nigeria, and I’m currently a Medicine undergraduate. Is there anything else you’d like to know?

Not much Evi, I just want to ask you a few questions about Coconut oil and how you apply it. So do you use coconut oil at all?

Of course I use coconut oil. Why not?

How do you use it?

I use it very often, especially for my hair. I also use it on my skin. Then I use it for cooking as well.


You cook with coconut oil?

Yes I do. I use pure ones- they call it Extra Virgin Coconut oil. It even gives your food a special coconut aroma and taste. It’s really nice.

Really. So what other reason do you have for cooking with it asides the taste, and what are the benefits of doing so?

Well, a lot of people might not know this but coconut oil has a lot of health benefits when consumed, but most people only know the hair and skin usage. I even use it to bake!


Yes, bake. The aroma and taste is just on point. You should try it. Use the clean ones o! Not the type they will measure for you in one dirty container o. I did not tell you that one. The clean ones is what I mean.

Okay, so back to the health benefits. You mean coconut oil has health functions in the body?

Yes, I even have a list. First on the list is digestion. If a person has indigestion or lacks normal bowel movement, the person can take food that has been cooked with coconut oil. When added to food, it improves bowel movement and aids digestion. This is because coconut oil contains saturated fats that have antimicrobial features which deal with some microorganisms like bacteria that cause indigestion.

Second is weight loss. Coconut oil aids weight loss because it helps to dissolve certain indigestible fats that usually accumulate in the lower abdomen. It helps to increase the body’s metabolism resulting in faster weight loss as well.

Third is Heart disease. Coconut oil has fatty acids that convert bad cholesterol to good cholesterol which is good for the heart and arteries. These are just a few of the many health benefits of consuming the oil that easily come to mind. I will leave you at this point to continue your research online.

Wow, I am learning. Now to the hair and skin uses, how do you use it in these cases and what are the benefits?

Coconut oil is very good for people with dry skin. It gives the skin a certain glow when applied properly. I don’t use it alone as my body cream, instead I mix it with glycerin. This is because on its own, it doesn’t have whitening properties, and I don’t want to be dark complexioned but I still want to enjoy the benefits of the oil. So if you already have a whitening cream, you can just mix it with the cream to enjoy the benefits of both. It is also a very good face cleanser and moisturizer and it treats various skin conditions like eczema, and prevents skin sagging and wrinkling. This is why coconut oil is the base ingredient for certain skin care soaps and creams.

And for the hair?

It is a natural hair conditioner that improves hair growth and makes it shiny. Massaging the hair regularly with coconut oil will make your scalp free of dandruff, no matter how dry your scalp is. It also prevents lice. I apply enough amount of it on my hair daily before going to bed and I’m happy with the results.

Now that you’ve told us all these benefits. How much you are willing to pay for a 50cl bottle of coconut oil?

Hmm, about one thousand to two thousand naira for pure extra-virgin coconut oil.

That’s fair. So where do you get yours?

One doesn’t always have the time to go to the market and even when one does, it can sometimes be difficult to get the pure coconut oil. But ordering online from Agricmania is very easy. Agricmania is where I get my agricultural produce including my coconut oil, and I always rest, assured whenever I shop there.

Thanks so much Evi for taking the time to answer my questions, I’ve learnt a lot from this conversation, and I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me.

You are always welcome. Anytime.

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