Poultry, Piggery, and Arable crop farming have dominated the agribusiness field over the years and one can be forgiven to think they are the most profitable of all agribusiness venture. However, this is far from the truth, as there are more profitable ventures with minimal risks. Agriculture is a broad industry with a lot of opportunity in research, production or marketing. Some of these opportunities are more popular than others but all are profitable ventures if managed properly. Here are some of the unpopular agribusiness ventures that are gold mines to a diligent hand:

1. Rabbit Production

Rabbits are popular for their fur and cuteness but they are also a good source of meat. The rabbit meat is delicious and healthy. They can be raised at the backyard or on a small piece of land. They are not noisy and their droppings are not offensive. Furthermore, their fur is of great value. It can be used for leathery purposes. You can either raise it for meat or reproduction.

2. Feed Milling

80% of investment in animal production goes into feeding. It is a recurring expense for farmers as quality feed equals bigger and healthier animals. This makes feed milling a lucrative agribusiness venture. There is always a demand for quality feed to aid the development of animals irrespective of the animal venture managed. Feed milling is capital intensive but assures you a quick return on investment.

3. Grasscutter (Cane Rat) Farming

Popularly known as “Bush meat”. The feisty rodent is the second largest rodent in Nigeria and a special diet in hotels, restaurants and bars. Most supply are gotten from villages despite the huge demand in towns and cities. Rearing grasscutter present a lucrative opportunity. The scarcity of its meat in the market ensures it commands high prices. It is also having a huge export potential with markets in Asia, and Latin America.

4. Vegetable Farming

Easily managed and ready for market between 4-8weeks depending on the type of vegetable. It presents a quick return on investment. The consumption of vegetable is huge as over 180 million Nigerians subscribe to a green diet at least twice a week. This create an inexhaustible demand for fresh greens.

5. Snail Farming

Slow in its movement but rakes in huge profit, Heliculture is still a relatively unchartered aspect of agribusiness in Nigeria. Snails are easy to get especially during the rainy season, they can be sourced from bushes around you, bought cheaply from villages and other remote areas or from snail farms. They do not require large spaces and are in huge demand both home and abroad. The ease of management and the reduced investment on feeding makes it a worthy investment with minimal risk.

6. Storage Facility

The inadequate storage facilities in Nigeria leads to wastage of produce and reduced profit. Although it is capital intensive, it provides a quick return on investment as many farmers are in dire need of storage facilities like barns, silos and refrigerating sets to store their produce to increase shelf life or all year-round availability.

7. Agricultural Exports

Exports are sure way of making money in agriculture. Goods like Palm kernel, Bitter Kola, Cow Horns, Cassava, Okro, Yam, Cocoa, Cashew, Charcoal, the Giant African snail and many others serve as good export products. You can either produce them yourself or source them in large numbers from local markets. You can also serve as a link between agricultural exporters and the products they need; getting a finder's fee in the process. The opportunities in agricultural exports are huge.

Countless opportunities exist in the agricultural industry that are waiting to be exploited. What are you waiting for?

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