Publicize Your Farm with These 5 Ideas

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Getting publicity for your farm can be tasking at times. These ideas will help you put your farm in the public eye. If you have more tips, Kindly post in the comment section. It is an excellent way to publicize your farm.


Put your farm logo or name on everything you can. T-shirts, overalls, boots, helmet, wristbands, and anything that you can. Print invoices with your farm name, get a business card, and brand your nylon/paper bags. Put up signs in your location and ensure that your bus/lorry/trailer carries the name of your farm boldly. This will help spread the message, as people see the bus move around, use the nylon/paper bags for other purposes or see you in a printed shirt.

2. Use the Internet

Create a website for your farm, use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to publicize your farm. Join Facebook groups related to your farm interest, engage in online conversations relating to your field and network with other farmers online. You can also list your products on Free online markets like to raise awareness about your farm.

3. Photos and Videos

Photos and videos helps showcase your uniqueness or success to the public. Take photos of your quality stock or a farm process you are involved in and post them online.

Shoot good video footage of your animals, a practical video teaching a skill or technique or anything that will make your expertise known.

Share your photos with magazines or blogs, requesting recognition for usage.

4. Share your Ideas

Don’t hoard information, it doesn’t help your image and subsequently your farm’s. Be the farmer that anyone can approach to get advice or consult about a situation on their farm. Consult for new farmers, invite them to your farm and show them around without a sales pitch. Speak at farmers meetings or other gatherings. Share new techniques and information you have, always be willing to assist your colleagues with knowledge that can improve their farms.

It is an excellent way for you and your farm to be discussed in different circles.

5. Good customer relations

A satisfied customer is a marketing agent. Treat your customers with respect, offer discounts, give branded souvenirs and a polite request to tell their networks about your farm. Ask how they got to hear about your farm and feedback on their interaction with your farm. You could even ask for ideas on how to get more word out, this creates a sense of ownership in them.

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