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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Ever wondered about agriculture without the risks and stress? Yes! Without the stress of planting, management, harvesting, sales, and the risks associated with agriculture.

With just your funds and little or no training you can now invest in a profitable agricultural business and get a Return on Investment (ROI) of up to 25%. FarmChiefs, an agribusiness company registered as a subsidiary of MedEdge Global Resources Limited offers you a profitable agriculture venture without the stress or risk associated.

FarmChiefs is an off-shot of a desire at getting more Nigerians involved in agriculture by creating a platform for wealth creation. We help people delve into agriculture without getting their hands dirty or taking risks associated with agriculture. Our platform allows you to earn massive income while contributing to food production in Nigeria. With FarmChiefs, all you do is invest and get your Return on Investment (ROI) after a period.

With hundreds of hectares of land, efficient manpower, the newest technologies, equipment and machinery, and a capacity for local and international distribution. FarmChiefs offers an easy and secured means of investing in Agriculture with:

  • Easy and Flexible Payment Plans,

  • No risk and,

  • Insurance


FarmChiefs also offers an investment package called FARMPLUS, where you can invest in all farm produce the company offers instead of a produce. You get to choose the investment type of your choice and get your profit within 6 months after investment. Your profit is paid at different stipulated intervals based on your investment plan.

FarmChiefs is committed to improving the livelihood of Nigerians by creating opportunities for investment in the agricultural sector, and contributing to food security in the country.

For more information, call: +2348149796159 or reach out on Facebook: FarmChiefs, Instagram: @FarmChiefs, Twitter: @FarmChiefs, LinkedIn: FarmChiefs Limited.

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