6 ways to Better Engage Your Customers Online

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

As we promised in our previous post, we will be sharing several strategies on how to engage your customers online.

Customers are the life of every business, this makes building a relationship with them vital. How well your customers perceive your business will determine their loyalty to your brand.

These strategies will help you better engage your customers:

1. Great Customer Experience

Your website or social media pages are your online office, customers want to enjoy themselves whenever they visit. A good customer experience helps to increase satisfaction and loyalty among customers. When you offer real value to your customers when they visit your pages at all time, you give them a reason to come back.

Think about the needs of your customers and how best to care for them. What time do you customers visit your pages? Are your pages accessible to all type of customers depending on the niche of your farm business?

What about the font, colours and choice of pictures you use on your pages? All these aids a better customer experience.

How easily can your customers lay a complaint, or ask questions and how long does it take before they get a response?

2. Give Your Brand a Human Feel

Customers want to know they are dealing with an actual person and not a faceless business. This makes it pertinent for your communication to be relatable and personal with your customers. Here are a few ways to help humanize your business:

  • Introduce yourself: Whether it’s an email, direct message when you have a new follower, or welcoming a new follower or subscriber to your website. Always send personalised messages to them.

  • Share Pictures of the members of your team: What better way to give your business a face by sharing pictures of you or your team members working or playing. This allows customers know the faces of those they are interacting with.

  • If your own a blog, including authors bios on the blog is a great idea.

  • Make someone a brand ambassador: This can be you or a member of your team to be the face of your business.

3. Build a Community

Creating a community allows you to directly engage with your customers by answering their questions, have discussions that are relevant to your industry, keeping them updated, and sharing information that will help them.

It also allows customers the platform to network with other customers.

Facebook Groups are a great way to create communities easily. You can start conversations by asking for opinions and insights, offer tips and resources, and weighing in on interesting trends

4. Listen and Respond to Your Customers

Your pages allow you a benefit to hear what your customers think about your business or a product or service you offer or lay complaints.

When they do this, please listen and don’t be in a hurry to respond. Ask open ended questions to better understand their view or questions and please respond promptly.

Listening and replying helps customers feel heard by your business and it’s a great way to get feedback.

5. Celebrate Together

Make your customers part of your success story. Celebrate milestones with them. Did you just reach 1000 followers or subscribers? Let them know and thank them for their support. Is it your 5th Anniversary or your business reached a major landmark? Offer promotions, discounts or exclusive offers to celebrate with your customers

This helps your customers to feel part of your success story.

Celebrate special occasions like festive period like New Year, Christmas, Eid el Kabir and other special occasions with your customers by offering themed posts or discounts or family deals.

6. Run Competitions


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