4 Branding tips for your Farm

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

In our last post, we promised to share some branding tips for your farm or agribusiness. As usual we keep our promises.

Many farmers think a brand is just the name of the farm, the logo and a couple of business cards. A true brand is everything that encompasses your farm from its interaction with customers and the attitude of those who represents it.

While a good name, logo and well-designed business cards are good branding exercise, there are other elements to creating a brand. We will be sharing a few more tips on how to create a true brand for your farm.

Here they are:

1. Deliver value.

Value doesn’t always mean lowest price. You can focus on having the best products in the marketplace, a flexible pricing structure or great customer service. You can also focus on a combination of those things.

As you think about the value your farm delivers – you can ask the following questions: What sets your product, service and farm apart from other farms? What value do you provide and how is it different from that provided by other farms? Think about what you have that allows customers pick your farm instead of others.

2. Be Consistent

Your brand is dependent of what customers think of it. These makes it difficult for business or farms to continually change the message or value offered. Now that you have found what makes you unique, stick to it and improve on it.

In all your communications, either online (website, social media pages, blogs etc.) or offline (with customers, suppliers, at fairs or in conferences). Create a consistent tone of voice (a manner of speaking). It can be either friendly and conversation, official or whatever you choose.

Colors and fonts are also important. Is the color on your farm business card different from that on your website or banners?

Please ensure you are consistent in all your communications. You don’t want to be perceived as a confused brand.

3. It involves Everybody

Every employee on your farm must be involved in the branding process. They are the first call of approach on your farm. Your sales personnel, delivery personnel, graphics designer, customer care operators, accountants, security personnel etc. must be involved in the process.

They must understand what your farm represents and believe in it. It is only after believing, they can be evangelists of your brand in all their doings.

4. Be Relatable with Your Message.

We have all had that experience where a TV ad get stuck in our head. The same thing goes for your farm. If you can get people to think about your brand consistently because they relate to it, then you will have loyal customers.

A few ways to do this is:

  • Have a catchphrase – they are easy to remember.

  • Make your message about the customers

  • Get feedback from your customers on how your previous messages sounds.

Remember, your brand is how people perceive your farm, work on it continuously.

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