4 Ways to Take Care Of Your Farm Machinery

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Since the invention of mechanized farming, farmers globally have enjoyed ease in their daily operations. However, farm machinery is expensive to acquire and needs proper care to extend its longevity. Hence, it is important to learn how best to take care of these prized possessions. Below are some management tips:

1. Train before Use

It is important to train any one that will be using the machine properly before use. They must be properly trained with regards to the operation and maintenance of the machine. Managers and supervisors must also be involved in this training. If everyone knows how to effectively manage the farm machinery, it is easier to maintain.

Also, the machine’s operator manual should be kept in a place easily accessible. This ensures operators can brush up their understanding of the machine whenever needed.

If manuals are difficult to understand, it is best to get it simplified with the help of an engineer or the manufacturer at the sales point.

Training must be continuous to keep operators refreshed and equip new operators.

2. Regular Inspection

It is pertinent to regular inspect the condition of your machines. These are some of the things you should inspect on your machines:

  • Water and oil levels

  • Wear and tear in the parts of the machine (gears, belts, bolts and worn out parts)

  • Seals and filters

  • Exposed wires or worn-out insulation

Any fault discovered should be attended to immediately.

3. Clean them regularly

Keep your machines clean. Clean oil stains, remove dry grasses stuck on it and any dirt after use. This helps you to detect signs of breakdowns and wear and tear easily.

Proper cleaning involves filter cleaning, build-up removal and dusting inside the farm machinery.

Large machinery should be kept in a shed or a building that protects them from exposure to wind and rain. This prevents corrosion and rust.

4. Have a maintenance and repair Schedule

Have a timetable for maintenance and repair of your farm machinery. For this to be effective, keep a documentation of use and past maintenance records.

Fluids, tires, tracks, electrical systems are some of the components that needs to be checked regularly. Having a schedule helps to prevent the breakdown of machines on your farm.

These are some areas you should check:

  • Gear boxes: They need to be checked for lubrication, vibration and damaged parts.

  • Seals, gasket, bearings: They need to be inspected for wears and tears and faulty ones replaced.

  • Oil and filters: Oils need to be tested regularly and filters replaced.

  • Lubrication

  • Bolts

To enjoy the use of your machines and increase productivity on your farm, it is pertinent to pay attention to their health.

Keep them in a clean place, protected from moisture and wind. Lubricates their parts often, inspect regularly and have a maintenance schedule.

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