How to Generate Cooking gas from Cow Dung

Home waste is apparently present in every home, however it is being wasted in most of them. I have decided to put up the blog version of how to cook with home waste due to demand by my whatsapp audience.

I will be giving a step by step tutorial on how to set up a system from cow dung and home wastes and stop spending on gas for cooking.

This system will cost you less than five(5) thousand Naira if you do not already have the material, otherwise the materials can all be gotten for free.

I will also skip all the scientific explanation because of those who do not have much time to read a lot of stuff. Here is how to cook with home waste:

Materials needed to setup home waste cooking system

A. 25 litre keg (black)

B. Gas hose (10 ft)

C. Paint bucket

D. Bucket smaller than the paint bucket

E. Small Cooker

F. Funnel

G. PVC Gum

H. Cow Dung (Half of paint bucket)

I. Water (Half of paint bucket)


Procedure for using home waste


Cut the gas hose into two say 4ft and 6ft


Make a hole on the top of item A and pass in one side of the 4 ft hose in step1.

Seal up any leakage with item G. You will need to make another hole by the side in future but that is not needed now.


Pass in one side of the 6 ft hole into item E


Pour the cow dung into any of the buckets and mix with water to make a liquid solution


Pour the mixture into item A using item F and then cover item A tightly


Rinse items C and D with water and put water into item C.


Make two (2) holes by the side of item D and pass in the other sides of hoses.


Place item D inside item C in an "upside down" position.

Leave the setup for some time for it to start generating cooking gas and then start adding bio-degradable home waste a little daily. Stuff that can be added includes but are not limited to food items, spoilt fruits, animal wastes among others.

And that is it!

Cooking from home waste can be in different scales but I have illustrated a simple method that will cost little or nothing and that you can use to cook as long as you have waste products.

Please give a feedback on your experiment. To join my paid whatsapp group where I will answer your questions and give further guidance, send a whatsapp message to +2349031113651.

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