5 Health Benefits of Pure Honey

Before the advent of sugar, honey was the primary sweetener that humans used. However, though sugar is now considered the primary sweetener, honey is still used by humans all over the world for different purposes. There are various benefits of honey, it can be used for medicinal purposes and also serves as an antibiotic.

5 Health Benefits of Honey

If you’re thinking of switching from sugar to honey or you just want to educate yourself on the health benefits of honey as an additive or sweetener: here are 5 major health benefits of honey:

Helps treat wounds, burns, and infections

A study carried out by scientists from the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam in 2010 in the FASEB Journal stated that honey has certain properties that kill bacteria using a protein called defensin-1. The European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases recently releases a study that shows that Manuka honey helps prevent bacteria like Clostridium difficile -which causes diarrhea- from settling in the body. Some studies on honey and wound care discovered that honey can be very effective for healing partial-thickness burns and wounds that become infected after surgery. Honey has also been proven as an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers. Honey can help treat skin conditions, like psoriasis and herpes lesions. Some researchers have discovered that the healing powers of honey can be attributed to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to nourish surrounding tissue.

Produces antioxidants that help manage heart diseases like high blood pressure

Honey is rich in phenols and other antioxidant compounds. These antioxidants are expected to be able to reduce the risk of heart disease. These antioxidants may help the arteries in the heart dilate which helps blood flow to the heart. Also, they help prevent blood clot formation, which helps prevent heart attacks and strokes. Studies have also shown that the consumption of honey helps lower and manage high blood pressure.

Help treat cough and sinus infections in children and adults

Honey is one of the best-known home remedies for soothing all types of cough. Research also shows that drinking honey can reduce throat irritation. Honey is the best natural remedy for cough and sore throats, especially for kids, because it helps to relieve night cough, which helps kids sleep and rest through the night. Honey also serves as a natural anti-bacterium and anti-septic that clears infections and reduces inflammations in the sinus and other parts of the body. Honey also strengthens the immune system which helps reduce sinus attacks.

Helps in weight loss

Honey has been proven to burn body fat while a person sleeps. It is considered one of the best foods for weight loss. Doctors recommend having a spoonful of honey before going to bed. Drinking a little honey with warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning helps increase the metabolism, which reduces weight faster. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2010 shows that honey helps control the appetite. Replacing all refined sugar in the diet with honey helps rebalance brain signals that compel you to consume sweet snacks and foods.

Nourishes the skin

Honey contains moisturizing and nourishing properties. It is one of the best natural moisturizers, especially for dry and flaky skin. Raw honey not only cleans out pores but it also helps moisturize and soothe parched skin. It is good for curing cracked lips during winter or rainy season. It can also be used as a face mask for skin tone correction. Use honey to soften up your knees and elbows and give them a smooth feel. To use honey for these purposes rub a little honey onto your face, elbow, knee, or skin and wash off after 30 minutes. You can as well create a moisturizing scrub using honey and sugar, just add some sugar to your honey and that’s all. This mixture works as a natural exfoliator.

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