Chicken Vs Turkey: Which is better?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Welcome to Episode 2 of our “versus” series. In this episode, we will be comparing two poultry delights: Chicken and Turkey. As always, we will be comparing their taste, consumption trend, and nutrient content to ascertain which is the superior meat types among the two. Get ready!


According to an article in 2019, 65 billion chickens were slaughtered for consumption in 2018 compared to 656 million for turkey. This makes chicken the most consumed and popular of the two meat types.


This is where the major battle is as this is due to human preferences of the two meat types. However, searching through the web, more people showed a preference for turkey over chicken.


There is a negligible difference in the protein content in both meat types. However, turkey contains fewer calories than chicken, making a better fit if you are looking to lose weight.

Turkey contains a lower amount of cholesterol compared to chicken and a lesser concentration of saturated fats than chicken. Turkey also contains fewer fats than chicken.

The vitamins and mineral content of both meat types are quite similar with negligible differences between both.


In comparison, Turkey has an advantage over chicken in the areas of fats, cholesterol and calories, bringing is to a verdict that turkey is slightly the healthier meat.

Chicken remains king in terms of consumption, price and ease of production.

In the matter of taste, we leave you to decide. Which do you prefer, Pork or Beef? Let us know in the comments section.

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