Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain

Plantain is the longer, starchier version of the banana fruit. Unlike bananas, plantains are usually cooked before they are eaten. Plantains are a very popular meal in Nigeria; they can be cooked, fried, or turned into plantain flour to create other delicious meals. Though most Nigerians are fans of ripe plantain which helps to make soft sweet dodo, unripe plantains contain loads of nutritional benefits that are beneficial to the body. Here is a list of some of the nutritional benefits of plantain:

Source: Healthline

5 Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain

There are many benefits of adding unripe plantain to your diet. It helps keep the body healthy and strong while also helping to manage weight loss. Here are 5 major health benefits of unripe plantain:

1. Unripe plantain helps with the circulatory and digestive system

Unripe plantain is rich in fiber and that makes it very good for the digestive system. It helps avoid bowel irritation and also eases bowel movement which prevents constipation, bloating, and other digestive issues. It helps to reduce appetite in a healthy way by making the stomach full.

2. Develop the immune system and energize the body

One of the major health benefits of the unripe plantain is that it helps develop the immune system due to the high amount of vitamin A it contains. Unripe plantain is rich in vitamin A which is an antioxidant that enriches the immune system to function effectively. Vitamin A enhances cell growth and improves the skin. Plantain is a good source of carbohydrate which makes it an energy-giving food. The carbohydrates contained in plantains are complex carbohydrates which basically include starch, fiber, and sugar.

3. Helps to prevent ulcer

Unripe plantain helps prevent ulcers because it contains high amounts of manganese, potassium, and leucocyanidin which are some of the phytochemical properties found in food. These nutrients make plantain a healthy food option for those who suffer from and are trying to prevent an ulcer. It contains antiulcer properties that promote and increase the secretion of mucus in the stomach which helps to present ulcer sores and prevent ulcer attacks. Plantain does wonders in the treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers when eaten regularly.

4. Helps improve heart health

Another major health benefit of the unripe plantain is that it contains serotonin which is a chemical that dilates the arteries and improves blood flow which reduces homocysteine. Homocysteine is an amino acid that can cause coronary artery disease or stroke when there are high levels of it in the body. Also, the high levels of potassium in plantain make it heart-friendly and help prevent hypertension by controlling the heart rate and blood pressure in the cells. Its high fiber content is good for controlling and reducing cholesterol levels which in turn reduces the risk of developing any heart diseases.

5. Good for diabetic patients

Unlike ripe or over-ripe plantain, unripe plantain contains very low amounts of sugar which makes it a better choice for diabetics. When unripe plantain is paired with fiber and protein-rich foods like green vegetables, eggs, or lentils. Unripe plantain also works well in helping to prevent diabetes.

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