Meet the Richest Farmer in the World.

Liu Yongxhing is the founder, chairman and CEO of East Hope Group, a Chinese company active in the agribusiness as well as chemical and non-ferrous metal industries.

The 71-year-old billionaire is often regarded as the richest chicken farmer in China. In 1982, Liu, along with his 3 brothers, gave up their government jobs and sold off watches and bicycles to raise capital of $120 for their business startup. They purchased breeding chickens and quails and sold them to other farmers in rural Sichuan province near their house.

Soon, with success, they branched out to the business of animal feed too. By 1992, their Hope Group became one of the biggest animal feed groups of China, and one of the biggest non-government corporations in the nation. In 1995, the 3 brothers split their empires and branched into their own ventures. Liu Yongxing became the chairman of Hope Oriental Corporation and also created Strong Group.

Liu’s East Hope Group specializes in producing animal feeds for chickens, ducks & fish. They produce around 100 different types of animal feed, such as chicken, pig, duck, shrimp, fish, cattle feed, etc. The company’s products are mainly available in China but are exported to Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia & Cambodia.

Liu Yongxing is worth $5.9 billion dollars according to Forbes and ranked 46 among the richest people in China, and 433 globally on the Forbes rich list.

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