Imagine a world where rather than bending down for hours, cutlass or hoe in hand weeding your farm or in the case of a large farm, paying someone to do it. You can relax with a cup of juice in one hand and your smartphone in the other and let a robot weed your farm.

That world is here already. The introduction of farm bots has led to many innovation and robots doing different tasks on the farm. One of these farm bots is the Weeding Robot.

A Weeding Bot

The weeding robot is a robot designed to weed farms. They are equipped with camera to identify weeds and a specialized mechanism to kill or uproot them. They also possess a text system that alerts the farmer when the work is done, the robot is stuck or obstructed or there’s an error in the programmed settings.

They can either be autonomous or controlled manually using a wireless remote control.

Some notable ones are the Oz weeding bot, the Ecorobotix Solar powered Autonomous weeding bot and the Dino Vegetable farm weeding bot.

The Oz Weeding Bot


1. These robots boast offers a simple, and less stressful means of weeding. They don’t get tired or sick.

2. They are fast and time saving. No more prolonged hours weeding

3. They require little supervision. This means you can be doing other things while its weeding. (Given you have set the rows you need it to weed correctly)

4. It offers a constant means of weeding. Because it doesn’t require human effort, weeding can be done often.

5. It minimizes or eradicates the use of herbicides on your farm. (You already have a baddass weeding robot)

6. Some come with additional features for hoeing, harvesting and spraying. Hence, it could be used for more than weeding.

The Ecorobotix Weeding Bot


1. They are expensive. The Oz weeding bot costs about $25,000 with larger weeding bots consisting over twice the sum.

2. They involve skilled knowledge in their operation.

3. As the complexity of the farm layout increases so does the risk of the robot damaging crops, if not properly supervised.

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