The Biggest Farms in the World

If you are still thinking agriculture as a small business occupying a small piece of land, you need to think again, because there are farms the size of a country. Here is the list of the world's biggest farms and their size will amaze you.

1. Mudanjiang City Mega Farm

  • Location: Heilongjiang, China

  • Size: 22,500,000 acres

  • Type of farm: Dairy farm

  • Founded: 2011

  • Head of cattle: around 100,000

  • Produces: 800 million litres of milk per year

  • Owners: Zhongding Dairy Farming and Severny Bur

Holding the title of the world biggest farm despite just being 8 years old. Mudanjiang City Mega Farms spans across acres land almost the size of Portugal. It is said to be fifty times the size of the biggest dairy farm in UK and three times of the biggest dairy farm in the US.

Aerial view of the Mudanjiang City Mega Farm

2. Modern Dairy Farm

  • Location: Anhui, China

  • Size: 11,000,000 acres

  • Type of Farm: Dairy farm

  • Founded: 2005

  • Head of cattle: 40,000

  • Produces: 600 tons of milk per day

  • Owners: China Modern Dairy Holdings

Modern diary is China’s largest raw milk producers. Modern Dairy once held the title of the world biggest farms in 2011.

Logo of the China Modern Dairy Holdings

3. Anna Creek Station

  • Location: South Australia, Australia

  • Size: 6,000,000 acres

  • Type of Farm: Cattle Farming

  • Head of cattle: over 17,000

  • Owner: Williams Cattle Company

This is the largest cattle farm in the world due to its land size. It is slightly bigger than the country, Israel. The farm is known for its Santa Gertrude cattle species because they are resistant to hot and dry climates.

Aerial view of Anna Creek Station Farms, Australia

4. Clifton Hills Farm

  • Location: South Australia, Australia

  • Size: 4,200,000 acres

  • Type of Farm: Cattle Farm

  • Founded: 1876

  • Head of cattle: 14,000

  • Owners: G and E. A. Brooks

Clifton hills is the second largest cattle farm in the world after Anna Creek. It is one of the first farms to use road transportation for transporting cattle asides from rail transportation.

An aerial view of Clifton Hills Farm, Australia

5. Alexandria

  • Location: Northern Territory, Australia

  • Size: 4,000,000 acres

  • Type of Farm: Cattle Farming

  • Founded: 1877

  • Head of cattle: 55,000

  • Owners: North Australian Pastoral Company

The Alexandria possesses 50,000 head of cattle managed by only 50 employees who live on the station. The farm has herds of Brahman, Belmont and Charbray Cattle breeds.

Alexandria Farms, Australia

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