How to Use WhatsApp To Boost Sales.

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Over a billion people are using WhatsApp daily and we are sure your customers are in there somewhere.

Whether you a big farm or a small one, knowing how to use WhatsApp for your agribusiness will significantly boost your business.

Here are some ways to use WhatsApp for your agribusiness:

1. Constant Communication with Customers

In the age of instant messaging and borderless business transactions, WhatsApp offers real-time communication with your customers.

Customers can order, negotiate for prices and give feedback on your products.

On the flip side, you can let customers know about when a product is in-store or when you have a new product. You can send messages to apologise when order is coming late.

WhatsApp gives you the platform to interact with your customers after they have left your farm and keep in touch.

The best part, it is less expensive than calls or text, and for international customers, the call function helps them call or message you without having to pay international call rates.

2. Advertise through Status function.

The Status function on WhatsApp offers a great platform for advertising your products and services to a large audience for free.

This offers a great chance to post about your farm and your products. You can share informational videos and graphics on how customers and potential customers can benefit from your products.

You can show how your farm is the best place for fresh produce or service by showcasing your farm in the best possible light. All without paying a dime, thanks to WhatsApp status.

In the new WhatsApp update, it allows you to share your status directly to Facebook if you own a Facebook account. I consider this a bonus

3. Advertise on groups or create groups

Another benefit of WhatsApp to your business is WhatsApp groups. There are a couple of agricultural groups comprising of farmers and sales executive looking to buy great products.

Belonging or creating one of such groups helps you advertise your products/service. You also benefit from a community of farmers sharing knowledge and best practices.

Who knows, a large offer or consistent customers may be waiting for you on that group.

This link is for one of such groups: Agric products Adverts

4. Take Bookings or Orders

If you run home delivery for your product/service or take bookings, WhatsApp is a great platform for your customers to order. It offers a cheap and easy way for customers to book/order your products without having to call or come in person.

You can designate days for booking or orders or allow 24/7 order system depending on the model of your farm.

This allows you to monitor your orders and keep in communication with customers. It is also a great opportunity to check up on customers who had ordered at one time or the other but haven’t in a while.

Using WhatsApp for your agribusiness offers great promise for sales and customer reach.

To maximize your potential you can use the WhatsApp for business app which offers several function for businesses like automated responses, quick replies, message tracking and others.

You can download it here: Android, ios

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