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What you need to know about Agribusiness marketing

What is agribusiness?

Agribusiness is a coined name from the words agriculture and business. An agribusiness is a business that markets farm produce and agricultural products. Agricultural products range from farm machinery, seed supply. Agribusinesses adopt all the necessary methods of marketing products like production, distribution, and processing.

Reasons to start an agribusiness in Africa

Agriculture is very big in Africa. It is one of the most profitable streams of income that Africans have. If you are thinking of starting an agribusiness in Africa, here are five compelling reasons to just do it:

  • Africa has lots of affordable agricultural lands.

  • Africa has an available market and plenty of demand for farm produce.

  • Improved farming varieties and better practices are emerging every day in Africa.

  • Agribusiness is very easy to start because the capital is affordable.

  • Agribusinesses create lots of job opportunities.

What is Agribusiness marketing?

Agribusiness marketing or agricultural business are the activities carried out during the supply of agricultural or farm produce. It involves the processes that take the products from the farm or business to the final consumer. Agricultural marketing takes care of marketing product marketing and input marketing.

Product marketing

This is the act of marketing a product. Product marketing involves positioning products in the agricultural market so that consumers quickly access them. Positioning consists of launching the product, choosing the product’s look and message, making sure that retailers and consumers find the brand appealing. Product marketing doesn’t just stop when the farm produce or products go to the market, and it is a constant effort to make sure consumers stay aware of the product and come back for me.

Input Marketing

Agricultural inputs marketing is the act of marketing materials used in farming. Agricultural inputs are materials like seeds, feed, gardening tools, machinery, and fertilizers. Agricultural input marketing has a broad audience and great potential. In order to market these products successfully, marketers need to have extensive knowledge of the market, consumer behavior, positioning, pricing, product differentiation, logistics management, etc. Marketers must also learn the best marketing strategies and how to implement them.

Stages of Agribusiness Marketing

Agribusiness marketing has to go through three important stages to make it successful. These stages are:


This subsection of Agribusiness involves the creation of agricultural products and produce. It can be anything from poultry farming, feed production, machinery production, crop production, forestry, and pastoral agriculture.


Agricultural processing or agro-processing is the process of working on raw materials and creating other products that are marketable from the farm produce. This stage in agribusiness marketing helps agribusiness owners to maximize profit and increase their ROI.


These are businesses that are charged with the duty of helping farmers and agribusiness owners to distribute their products to different shops or individuals who will purchase the products. Some farmers or agribusiness owners prefer to handle this part by themselves. However, there are businesses charged exclusively with this duty. Distributors handle responsibilities like packaging, labeling, transporting, refrigerating, freezing, processing, storing, and all other services that prepare the goods to meet the consumers.

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