#SUPERGRO is used for horticulture, crop farming and also suitable for FISH FARMING, and POULTRY... Just contact seller if in doubt. Dilution is 1:1000, available in 250ml and 5litres. functions * makes the best use of water by reducing the surface tension thus making water wetter, which helps ensure: optimal soil penetration and reduction of run-off and evaporation. more water reaches the roots of the plants and stays there - optimising plant growth, in less time. *improves performances of agric. aids such as pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers *improves crop yield by as much as 167% *SUPERGRO assists most crop treatments to do a better job by helping them to penetrate deeper, stick better, stay longer and work more effectively. PROVEN TESTED FROM UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI FEATURES: - versatile - economical: concentrated formula- dilution 1:1000 - safe, easy to use and handle: non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable -multi-purpose: for both indoor plants and agricultural application - proven performance for details or information or purchase call DISTRIBUTORS AND PARTNERS WANTED NATIONWIDE. Call/whatsapp +2349068674909 


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